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Electric Beds

Unlike ordinary flat beds, adjustable beds, commonly known as electric beds, support the natural curves of your body without causing muscle strain or discomfort. At the touch of a button, these beds adjust into a relaxing and comfortable position to support your head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet, allowing muscles to relax.

Blood circulation in your legs is unimpaired and can be increased by simply elevating your legs. Using simple hand control, the electric beds can elevate the head and legs to over 1001 positions, making the time that you spend in bed much more comfortable and restful. Mobility Aids Australia stocks great brands of electric beds including icare and Deutscher Walmsley.

Electric beds are useful for people who need assistance to get in and out of bed and also for those who are bedridden or suffer from medical conditions requiring extra support. Browse through the range of adjustable beds today.

To know more about our wide range of electric beds and other electric vehicles, mobility aids and healthcare products, contact Mobility Aids Australia on (03) 9546 7700 or submit an online enquiry form.