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Walking Aids

Mobility Aids Australia stock a wide range of walking aids to improve balance and stability. There are a large variety of walking aids available for people who need assistance with their mobility in the short term or for longer periods. Mobility Aids Australia understand that some walking aids are used only for temporary use, which is why we offer walking aids for hire or purchase.

During rehabilitation, a person may progress from one type of walking aid to another as their strength increases and they need less support. Walking aids can be of great benefit for:
• People with injuries on one or both legs where the person must reduce the weight that bears on that injury e.g. severe sprains, fractures, or following surgery or amputation.
• People who experience pain in any weight-bearing joint due to injury or disease.
• People with reduced balance due to general debility, injury, or disease.

The choice of walking aid depends on the person, their mobility, their fitness, and their condition. The correct choice and fitting of walking aids is best done by a qualified physiotherapist.

Mobility Aids Australia quality walking aids range including walkers, walking frames, walking sticks, crutches, and walking aid accessories.


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