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Wheelchairs from Mobility Aids Australia are available in a number of different sizes, types, prices and configurations to suit a variety of different needs and requirements.
With powered wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, power-assisted wheelchairs, and wheelchair accessories available for purchase and hire, Mobility Aids Australia have something for everyone.

Looking for wheelchairs to hire or purchase? Speak to our friendly team about hiring or purchasing a wheelchair today. Mobility Aids Australia stock popular wheelchair brands including Karma, Invacare and Breezy. Browse through our great range of quality wheelchairs by selecting from a category below.


Do you need to transport the wheelchair?

If you require a wheelchair to be transported, there are certain things to take into consideration.
The weight of the wheelchair will be important for the person lifting it in and out of the vehicle. Aluminium alloy wheelchairs are approximately half the weight of the same size steel models. Wheelchair wheels and footplates of selected models can be removed to further reduce the weight of the wheelchair.

Additionally, you can browse our wheelchair ramps range to help assist with your wheelchair transportation requirements.