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Terms and Conditions


‘Private clients’ are non-commercial and non-funded clients.

‘Electric mobility items valued over $1000’. This is for any single electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, electric lift chairs, electric beds, electric air mattresses and electric patient lifters that are priced at more than $1,000. This does not include manual wheelchairs, static mattresses, nursing beds or any item under $1000.

“The Greater Melbourne area” includes suburbs/towns within the areas bound by Werribee, Sunbury, Whittlesea, Healesville, Warragul, Wonthaggi, including the Mornington Peninsula .

The global pandemic has brought significant price variability and fluctuation to the assistive technology sector. As a result, please note that the prices on this website our subject to change at short notice. They may also not always be accurate (try as we do to keep up with changes). As a result, please check with our team to confirm current pricing. Thank you for your understanding.


General Terms & Conditions

  1. Product demonstrations  – this offer is only available for electric mobility items valued over $1,000 and is limited to private clients within the Greater Melbourne area. Please contact us to see if you are eligible and for our latest conditions relating to demonstrations.
  2. Free safety and orientation training – this offer is available for electric mobility items valued over $1000 and is limited to private clients within the Greater Melbourne area. Safety training comprises of an initial demonstration, instruction and assistance in the safe use of a mobility item. Training is provided by one of our trained consultants for up to 45 minutes at the client’s home or in our showroom.
  3. Free assessment – this offer is available to all clients to determine the suitability of a mobility item. It can include consultation over the phone, at our showroom and/or as part of our free safety training. Sales consultants are fully trained to select the most suitable product based on budget, weight capacity, terrain and a client’s individual needs.
  4. Free assembly for most items – For online orders: Items will be preassembled prior to packing where possible. However, home assembly may be required in some instances to ensure the product is not damaged in transit. Written assembly instructions will be provided in such cases.
  5. Delivery timeframes – For online orders: Items will typically arrive at the address provided within one week of the order being received. A consultant will contact the client promptly where a delay in delivery time is expected.
    1. For non-online orders: A consultant will liaise with the client directly to organise a convenient delivery time.
    2. Once orders have been dispatched, the client will receive an email enabling them to track their parcel online.
  6. Receiving your items – The client will need to be present when the parcel arrives unless they have given consent to leave the item at the door. We may require further delivery instructions if the items are large/heavy.
  7. Warranty on all products – All products come with full warranty. This can be anywhere from 6 months to a full lifetime depending on the particular product. Clients must show their receipt as proof of purchase in order to verify any claims under warranty.


Specials / Promotional Terms & Conditions

  1. Advertised discounts on the Mobility Aids Australia website are available to non-contracted customers who are Victorian residents only and excludes retailers, resellers and wholesalers.
  2. Advertised discounts are available for orders placed via phone, fax, email, in-store or website.
  3. Advertised discounts apply to selected products within the Mobility Aids Australia range. Please refer to the specials section of the website for details on current promotions.
  4. Advertised discounts are available in Victoria only and available while current stocks last.
  5. Advertising discounts apply to Mobility Aids Australia’s standard Recommended Retail Price, and not to any other subsequent special pricing. Any other discounts will be at the discretion of Mobility Aids Australia.
  6. Mobility Aids Australia reserves the right to change, amend, limit sale quantities or end promotions at any time without notice.
  7. Promotional expiry dates may vary and may extend beyond advertised date without notice and at the sole discretion of Mobility Aids Australia. Prices include GST where applicable. Prices are subject to change. For more information on the products please visit Please contact Mobility Aids Australia between 9.00am and 5.00pm weekdays (AEST) for further information on 1800 625 530.