Forte Icon Triple Layer Mattress with memory foam


Standard sizing length: 1980 mm, 2030 mm
Widths: 880 mm/1050 mm (king single), 1150 mm/1350 mm (double)
Thickness: 150 mm
Effective weight range: 40-150 kg (Standard) 95-250 kg (Optional)


Pressure care mattress range
The ICON Mattress range provides true leadership in non-powered patient pressure care. Tried and trusted in facilities nation-wide, the ICON mattress range provides outstanding durability, a high standard and consistency of care and excellent value. An extensive variety of configurations are available providing for a wide range of patient needs and requirements. Please contact us so we can match one up to your requirements.

Triple Layered, Pressure Care Core
A firm base foam prevents ‘bottoming out’ whilst the supportive mid-layer provides excellent comfort and patient support.
Manufactured using high performance foams.
The ICON Pressure Care Mattress range includes models suited for Paediatric use through to Bariatric requirements.