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Mobility Aids Australia supply a large range of walker types to assist with mobility. Mobility walker or “rollators” are designed to assist and provide additional support for people who experience problems with balance and stability. Different walker types are used throughout different stages of rehabilitation, depending on the user’s needs.

Our range of mobility walkers consist of:

Walkers with loop hand lever brakes

Walkers with loop hand lever brakes are suitable for users able to walk with assistance. The brakes are applied by squeezing or can be locked in by depressing.

Push-down brake walkers

Push-down brake walkers are more suited to users who are unable to walk continuously even with support or who ‘shuffle’ when they walk.

Knee walkers

Knee walkers are particularly useful for those able to put weight on just one leg and is a suitable alternative to crutches for those waiting for one foot to heal from injury.