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Nova Walker – 6″ Wheels – Blue


Castor Wheel Front: 6″ (150 mm)
Length: 630 mm
Weight Capacity: 100 kg
Seat Width: 360 mm
Total Weight: 7 kg
Seat Floor Height: 540 mm
Colours: Marble Red or Blue

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Lightweight, easily folded, walker with 6″ castor wheels making it ideal for indoor use.

Made of durable aluminium with Loop lever brakes and featuring Adjustable height handles, Padded seat, Foldable curved backrest, and Vinyl under-seat storage bag. What’s not to like!!

Castor Wheel Front: 6″ (150mm)
Length: 630mm
Weight Capacity: 100kg
Seat Width: 360mm
Total Weight: 7kg
Seat Floor Height: 540mm
Colours: Marble Red or Blue


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