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Redgum Mini Walker – 6″ Wheels Red


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Extra small, lightweight aluminium walker designed for use primarily indoors by those of a smaller stature.


Marbled red power coated frame
Height adjustable handles
Large soft seat with under seat storage bag
Comfortable folding backrest

With its narrow frame and low seat height of 48 cm it proves that good things do come in small packages!

Length: 62 cm
Colours: Red only
Seat Dimension: 300 mm x 300 mm
Weight Capacity: 100 kg
Castor Wheel Rear: 6″ solid
Castor Wheel Front: 6″ solid
Total Weight: 6 kg
Warranty: 12 months
Seat Floor Height: 48 cm (19″)
Handle height range: 74 cm to 85 cm.


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