Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs from Mobility Aids Australia are available in a number of different sizes, prices and configurations, including; Self Propelled, Transit (attendant propelled) and Tilt & Recline.


Self-Propelled Wheelchair:

Mobility Aids Australia’s range of Self Propelled wheelchairs are for those wanting to propel the chair themselves or for attendant control. These manual wheelchairs are suitable over uneven ground and all wheelchairs in this range fold for convenient transportation.


Transit Wheelchair:

Transit Wheelchairs from Mobility Aids Australia are for those unable to propel themselves or for the short transportation of patients over even surfaces. All Transit wheelchairs fold easily for transportation.


Tilt & Recline Wheelchair:

Mobility Aids Australia’s wide range of tilt and recline wheelchairs are for those likely to spend extensive periods of time in the chair and require high levels of comfort, support and flexibility. All models can be modified to incorporate pressure care cushioning systems. Mobility Aids Australia’s trained consultants can advise which configuration will best suit your needs. Call us now on 1800 625 530 for details.


You will need to consider the following questions to help determine the most suitable manual wheelchair model:

Do you need to transport the wheelchair? 

If so, the weight of the wheelchair will be important to the person lifting it in and out of the vehicle. Aluminium alloy wheelchairs are approximately half the weight of the same size steel models. You are also able to remove the wheels and footplates of select models to further reduce the weight.

Which wheelchair type and size? 

Self propelled wheelchair (24″ wheel) are those that can be propelled by the user.

Transit versions wheelchair (12″ wheel) must be pushed at all times.

Standard seat sizes available range from 16″ wide by 16″ deep up to 20″ wide by 20″ deep. Larger bariatric models are also available upon request. For full details we advise you to talk to one of our trained consultants. They can help you find the right manual wheelchair, at the right price, for your specific needs.

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