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Mangar Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion


Weight capacity: 450 kg
Product weight: 3.6 kg
Max. seat height: 560 mm
Seat depth: 500 mm
Seat width: 570 mm

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The Elk (Emergency Lifting Cushion) is an innovative air powered cushion designed to lift a fallen person from the floor. It reduces the risk of injury associated with manual handling while maintaining the fallen persons dignity. Comes with the Airflo 24 compressor.

Lifts up to 450 kg
Reduces the risk of injury associated with manual handling
Helps a carer to lift fallen, but uninjured, persons safely and easily while maintaining their dignity
Can be used in restricted or remote locations where other lifting equipment may be impractical or unavailable
Easily portable for use on excursions, etc.
Powered by a small battery-operated portable air-supply
Compact for easy storage
Includes the Airflo 24 compressor unit

See also Mangar Camel model. Mobility Aids Australia is an official supplier of the Mangar range.


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