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Invacare Birdie Evo Compact Hoist with Manual Leg Spread


Base Length: 1080 mm
Base Width: 520 mm
Height When Folded: 455 mm
Inside Width (Legs Open): 815 mm
Lifting Range: 530 – 1590 mm
Height of Legs: 115 mm
Ground Clearance: 35 mm
Turning Diameter: 1070 mm
Working Ability: 40 cycles
Product Weight: 31 kg
MRC: 150 kg (manufacturer Rated Capacity)

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The Birdie EVO Compact 150 kg mobile lifting hoist is of a smaller footprint for easier maneuverability, which has been designed with new technologies to ensure maximum comfort and security, when lifting or transferring a patient to or from a bed, chair or the floor. This range has been based on the renowned Birdie. The Birdie EVO Compact includes an ergonomic lift, which allows the client to be easily rotated 360 degrees, making positioning easier for the carer and reducing difficulty for the patient. It offers maximised space, the high boom ensures there is space for the client, even when the hoist is in its highest position. The optimised space in front of the actuator reduces the risk of injury to the client’s knees.

The Birdie EVO Compact can be easily folded and unfolded without the need of tools. This ensures it takes up minimal space when stored and makes it easy to push and transport.

  • Curved design of boom and spreader bar design allows carers to maintain eye contact with patient throughout transfer
  • Hook design securely attach slings with one hand from the user-friendly hook design
  • Battery status indicator delivers peace of mind regarding lifts that are achievable
  • Ergonomic push bar makes handling and maneuvering easier
  • Curved leg design provides a cocoon like feeling and enables easy movement around objects

Options and Accessories

Electrical or mechanical leg spread • Electrical or mechanical emergency lowering
• Snap lock for optimal security
• Selection of 2 point or 4 point spreader bars in various sizes
• Extensive range of durable slings available in various sizes, styles and fabrics
• Lever for mechanical leg spread
• Homecare or medical class scale
• Pivot Frames available

Additional information

Dimensions 115 × 68 × 174 cm


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