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Powered / Electric Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs, also known as Electric Wheelchairs, are designed for and used by people who are unable to walk or only able to walk short distances. Electric wheelchairs are ideal for people who wish to remain mobile inside the home and in the community. Power wheelchairs utilise two motors that power the main drive wheels and are operated by the user through a joystick control. Some considerations when choosing an electric wheelchair are:

What’s the difference between mid and rear-wheel drive?

Mid-wheel drive wheelchair
Rear-wheel drive wheelchair

What’s the difference between mid and rear-wheel drive?

Mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs are very manoeuvrable, providing better access to indoor areas and have six wheels making them very stable on uneven surfaces and road crossings. Rear – wheel drive power wheelchairs often suit more active users, looking for a more intuitive and smooth drive, especially outdoors at higher speeds.

What type of powered/electric wheelchair do I need?


Portable Electric Wheelchair

Portable electric wheelchairs are ideal for transporting in a motor vehicle with lightweight components. The basic lightweight seat is not suitable for all-day or long-term sitting. Portable power wheelchairs are very manoeuvrable for indoor use and suitable for some outdoor use on smooth surfaces.

Light Rehab Electric Wheelchair

Light rehab electric wheelchairs are great for indoor use as they are very manoeuvrable and have better seating for medium-term sitting. Light rehab power wheelchairs have better outdoor capabilities than small portable chairs. They are more stable due to their larger wheelbase and offer more power with larger batteries for extended range. Light rehab wheelchairs can generally only be transported with the use of a ramp or lifting system into the back of a vehicle.

Customised Rehab Electric Wheelchair

The range and adaptability of customised rehab electric wheelchairs make them suitable for a wide range of users including bariatric (up to 295kg), full-time sitting and special-need users. They provide all day comfort, positioning, pressure care and mobility.

Custom rehab electric wheelchairs provide a wide range of options including specific seating dimensions, arm rest, leg rest and head rest options, customised back rests, pressure care cushioning and tilt-and-recline functions. Both medium and large power chairs can be customised to accommodate specific size and usability requirements.

Getting the right advice from one of our trained consultants is essential in ensuring you find the right electric wheelchair to suit your specific needs and requirements.