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Shoprider Cougar 10 Midwheel Power Wheelchair with Power Lift


Maximum user capacity (on flat level ground): 136 kg
Max range up to 40 km
Max speed 7-8 Kph
Overall: Length: 1090 mm, Width: 620 mm, Height 1540 mm
Battery capacity 2 x 50 Amp
Max climbing Angle 9 Degrees
Turning Radius 600 mm
Wheel Size: – Front Castor 2 x 125 mm – Middle (drive) 2 x 250 mm – Rear castor 2 x 100 mm


The SHOPRIDER™ Cougar powerLift electric powerchair is ergonomically engineered to provide the combination of style and comfort that you deserve. The Cougar PowerLift has powerful smooth motors, mid wheel maneuverability, and comfortable seating which provides a safe and comfortable ride. The smooth operation combined with mid wheel drive means easy operation under various conditions. It’s ideal for both inside and outside use on even ground and can travel long distances between charges.

Compact power chair, suitable primarily for indoor use. The Cougar 10 utilises the mid-wheel drive system and shorter wheelbase that combine to offer a tight turning radius of just 570 mm (22.5”).
In addition, it features: a deluxe captain’s seat, powerful 50 amp PG VSI controller, 10” pneumatic drive wheels, adjustable high-back seat and an on-board charger. Ideally suited to users under 5′ 5”, the Cougar 10 offers a top speed of 8km/h and a range of up to 40 km.

Large Captain’s Seat (Variable seat height)
Electric Power Lift Seat
Adjustable Arm Rests
Swing Away Leg Rests
Sleek Body design
Color Change Panels
Controller Inter-changeable (left arm rest to right armrest)


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