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Invacare Pronto Air Power Wheelchair 18″- LAST ONE LEFT


Supplier confirmed this item is obsolete and no longer available.



Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter a new breed of pure mobility The Invacare Pronto Air PT is a new concept in modern mobility products, futuristic in design, this stylish chair, with its precise yet simple design offers all the functionality of a powerchair.
Energy efficient and compact with Invacare‘s in line motor technology, offers a longer range with a very small chassis. The Personal Transporter allows the freedom to travel without expensive additional equipment to transport. Most mid-size and larger car boots will easily accommodate the Pronto Air PT.
Pronto Air PT features the Unique MyBody seating created by Invacare to promote better posture through contoured, pressure relieving foam and natural points of rest which may result in less fatigue.


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