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Trek Supascoota Sumo Portable Electric Scooter


Weight capacity: 200 kg
Max speed: 6.2 km/h
Range: 10 – 13 km
Turning radius: 1000 mm
Heaviest Piece: 13 kg
Drive wheels: 200 x 65 mm
Width: 630 mm, Length: 1110 mm
Batteries: 15 Ah SLA

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Unsurpassed performance and reliability, the Trek Sumo portable scooter boasts a weight capacity well above most others at this scooter size and price point (200 kg capacity – wow).
The scooter dismantles easily into 4 pieces for storing or transporting, and provides the ability to travel up to 13km per charge. Powerful 4 Pole motor too so you have plenty of torque to use.


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