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Loop Lock (security lock) for Scooters or Wheelchairs (Blue Badge Insurance supplied)


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Weighing less than 500 g, the Loop Lock is lightweight yet strong and easy to carry. The lock’s 2 metre cable enables you to secure your device to poles and railings and has a loop end to allow quick and easy attachment. The loop feature allows the lock to be slip knotted onto a pole or railing. You then slip the lock head through a closed section on your scooter and secure the lock into the moveable pin. With an easy to use key-operated lock, the Blue Badge Insurance Loop Lock is the perfect theft deterrent for your mobility scooter or wheelchair. Instructions are on the pack!

Remember if you purchase a new scooter or powered wheelchair from us that we provide free first year RACV Emergency Scooter and Wheelchair Assist. That’s reassuring!


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