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Shoprider Sun Canopy – Standard & Deluxe


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Steel-based frame with waterproof vinyl shade to block out the harmful rays of the sun.
Available in small or large and in Red or Black.

Please note, this product should be professionally fitted to ensure it is securely attached. Please check compatibility with your scooter by contacting us prior to purchase.
Please feel free to drop into our workshop (call first though to ensure a technician is available) for assessment and fitting (if you can’t bring your scooter in, we can come to you) or call us directly to chat about other options. That’s what we’re here for!

Also available in Deluxe – has a nifty height adjustable feature. (Prod Code (deluxe): AC-SH-SE-SD)

AC-SH-SE-S (standard)
AC-SH-SE-SD (deluxe)


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