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Shoprider/Redgum Swivel Shower Stool


Weight capacity: 150 kg
Seat width: 325 mm
Leg height adjustment range: 480 mm to 670 mm


The REDGUM Round Swivel Bath Stool features a unique padded rotating seat and has been designed to withstand the rigours of the bathroom environment. The stool is extremely stable with strong aluminium legs that can be adjusted to suit multiple heights, each leg also has large rubber stoppers for added stability.
Also available with a fixed padded seat.

The Swivel Shower Stool makes showering and cleaning easier thanks to its many adjustable and safety features. It comes with padded swivel seat making it possible for the client to turn around without twisting their body.

Strong rust free construction
Removable legs for easy storage
Height adjustable legs for tailoring to users requirements
Padded swivel seat that makes turning more comfortable and doesn’t require twisting of the body
Suction cup feet to keep the stool stationary in the shower and reducing the chance of the chair moving when the user initially sits down
Removable legs for convenient and compact transportation of the stool


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