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Shoprider GK10 Crossover 4-Wheel Portable Electrric Scooter


Weight capacity: 136 kg on flat ground
Max speed: 7.5 km/h
Product range: Up to 25 km
Heaviest piece: 21 kg
Drive wheels: 260 mm Pneumatic
Turning radius: 1330 mm
Scooter length: 1285 mm
Batteries: 36 Ah
Colour: Red

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The SHOPRIDER'” GK Series of scooters are designed to be fully portable and offer exceptionable functionaliry to the customer. Each ofthe GK Series scooters offer many of the same features from the larger models all with the advantage of being portable. Every model in the GKSeries has the same easypull apert functionality, fully rotating lockable seat, adjustable steering tiller and fold up armrests. The reliability of these impressive scooters by SHORIDER'” is further enhanced by the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake.

GK10 Crossover
Compact and portable 4-wheel scooter which offers a hybrid solution to a mid-size scooter that can also be easily transported. Disassembles into 6 pieces via an auto-latching mechanism with no connecting clips or wires. Other features include; detachable split 30 Ah battery packs, padded midback seat with swivel and slide, headlight, flip-up armrests, 10” pneumatic tyres and reversing beeper. Suitable for transporting and indoor/outdoor use.


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