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ROHO Contour Select Pressure Cushions


Contour Select Model Ranges
Smallest Cell combo 7 Cells width; 8 Cells deep (365 x 385 mm)
Largest Cell Combo 13 Cells width; 12 Cells deep (625 x 560 mm)

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A neoprene dry flotation cushion that combines high, mid and low profile air cells to provide a contoured centre. The ISOFLO memory unit locks air into the four quadrants to provide stability for the user. This cushion consists of a series of interconnected air cells which can move independently. Range of sizes available, supplier has not stated any specific maximum Weight capacity.

ISOFLO Memory Control locks air into compartments to help maintain better postural integrity in addition to pressure reduction.

Interconnected cells help disburse pressure and reduce shear risk promoting pressure management. Appropriate for clients with high risk of ischemic ulcers and need for greater positioning support. Soft neoprene construction is flame retardant and durable.

All models include: 2 way stretch cover, hand pump & repair kit, operating instructions.

ROHO cushions are usually measured in inches and by cell sizes on the manufacturers website.


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