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Forte Sovereign Triple Layer Mattress with Memory Foam Standard




The ICON Mattress range provides true leadership in non-powered patient pressure care. Tried and trusted in facilities nation-wide, the ICON mattress range provides outstanding durability, a high standard and consistency of care and excellent value. An extensive variety of configurations are available providing for a wide range of patient needs and requirements.
Key clinical requirements including temperature stability, support and immersion, minimising shear forces and lateral stability are provided for in the design through the use of carefully selected premium foams and high-quality European healthcare fabrics.
The ICON Pressure Care Mattress range includes models suited for Paediatric use through to Bariatric requirements. The quality and features of the Icon range allow confident usage in the Hospital and Aged Care environments. Select the Icon Pressure Care Mattresses and achieve unsurpassed reliability and consistency of care.
The Sovereign Mattress is the answer to the requirements of the healthcare industry for a superior static pressure care support system. Utilising the groundbreaking Ventraflow internal ventilation system and Airo-form support structure, the Sovereign delivers unparalleled protection and the level of holistic care that your patients require as their needs progress. The Sovereign is not just a mattress, but a valued clinical asset to your facility and will form an integral part of your comprehensive pressure care management program. Put simply, by equipping your facility with the Sovereign, nursing time and associated costs will significantly reduce, pressure care needs will be stabilised and your residents will enjoy a level of comfort that is second to none.

Provides maximum infection control
Facilitates cover cleaning and care
Minimises Shear
Anti-Microbial and resistant to body fluids
Facilitates Immersion of pressure points
Conforms to fire retardant standards BS EN 597-1: 1995, BS EN 597-2 and BS 7175: 1989 ignition source 0,1,5

Available in Premi-flex or standard grade
The Sovereign can be adapted to suit any bed size, configuration or profiling function.

length: 1980mm
thickness: 150mm
widths: 880mm
1050mm (king single) 1150mm
1350mm (double)

WEIGHT RANGE (Optimal patient weight range for pressure care and comfort)

50-157kg (standard)
128-250kg (optional)

(custom core configurations for higher weight capacities and specific requirements available)


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