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Walking Sticks

Mobility Aids Australia stock many styles of walking canes / walking stick types from great brands like PCP and Airgo. The choice of walking stick will depend on the user’s condition and personal preference (walking stick colours and styles).

Mobility Aids Australia supply three types of walking stick options including:

  • Single point sticks – Single point walking sticks are the most common, usually made of wood or aluminium
  • 3-point (tripod) sticks – 3-point / tripod walking sticks are suitable for those who require extra support when walking
  • 4point (quad) sticks – Quad sticks are ideal for those who require more support with balance and stability.

The tripod and quad stick designs are suitable for people who require additional support (i.e. due to poor balance). Depending on the type of disability and condition, either one or two walking sticks may be used.

Browse through Mobility Aids Australia’s range of walking canes and walking stick options. We offer many styles and choices for walking sticks including choice of walking stick handles, colours, height adjustable options, wooder (fixed height walking stick), or folding walking stick varieties. View our walking stick options below.