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Toilet Aids

For those who are unable to travel to the bathroom, toilet aids from Mobility Aids Australia can help make the process manageable. Our range of toilet aids are useful to assist with a range of strength and mobility issues for users and help to overcome height or accessibility problems.

Mobility Aids Australia range of toilet aid products includes:

• Raised toilet seats – to assist patients to get on and off the toilet with ease.
• Grab rails – grab rails can be fitted to the wall or the actual toilet frame to assist with mobility.
• Over toilet aids – over toilet aids raise the height of the toilet seat and provide armrests for users to push up from when rising. Some models can be adjusted for height
• Urinals and bedpans – suitable for people who suffer from incontinence or other bladder related issues or are limited by their mobility to go to the toilet.

Mobility Aids Australia’s range of toilet aids are suitable for use in hospital, aged care, community care and home care environments. Browse through our toilet aid range online today.