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SoftWheel 24″ Black Aluminium


Available in 6 Stages by rider’s weight. Pricing is inclusive of push rims and tyres.
Stage 1: <46 Kg
Stage 2: 46-59 Kg
Stage 3: 60-72 Kg
Stage 4: 73-84 Kg
Stage 5: 85-99 Kg
Stage 6: 100-136 Kg

We have limited stock of the above ‘Stage’ product at Special pricing. Please contact us directly.
Please contact us regarding your requirements.

The Stages have been replaced with:
Stage A <50 Kg
Stage B 50-70 Kg
Stage C 70-90 Kg
Stage D 90-136 Kg

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SoftWheel’s innovative suspension system transforms a rider’s wheelchair experience.
SoftWheel can help reduce pain and provide a more comfortable ride, giving you the freedom to go where you want.
Can help reduce back and neck pain, and decrease a rider’s fatigue at the end of the day.
Keeps the rider steady while going over bumps and obstacles, and remains stable / rigid over flat terrain.
Absorbs shock vibrations on all types of terrain and provides maximum cushioning for the rider.
Fewer vibrations are transferred to a rider, leading to a smoother more comfortable ride.
We carry all Stage wheels covering a broad weight range of riders. See for more information.

Pricing is for a pair of Softwheels. Pricing is inclusive of push rims and tyres.


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