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Pride Gogo Ultra X3-Wheel Electric Scooter


Weight capacity: 118 kg
Range: up to 13 km
Max speed: Up to 6 km/h
Length: 94 cm
Turning radius: 82.5 cm
Batteries: 2 x 12 AH 12V
Product weight: Without batteries 34 kg
Heaviest piece: 13 kg

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Incredibly small, light and easy to transport (the heaviest section is just 13kg).
The Go-Go Ultra X 3-wheel sacooter is loaded with design features like one-hand feather-touch disassembly and a convenient drop-in battery box that makes transport and travel worry free. The Go-Go Ultra X delivers these features and more, along with the performance you expect from the first name in travel mobility, making it the ultimate travel scooter value.It disassembles into 5 pieces, using an auto-latching mechanism with no connecting wires and includes a detachable 12 amp battery pack.

Features include; padded seat with swivel, thumb control, flip up armrests, backlit battery gauge and front basket. Suitable for lightweight users (up to 118 kg) only on smooth surfaces. Also available in 4-wheel model.


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