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Merits Interceptor 4-Wheel Electric Scooter


Weight capacity: 204 kg
Max speed: 10-15 km/h (Limited to 10 km/h in Au)
Range: 40 – 50 km
Total Scooter Weight: 148 kg
Turning radius: 180 cm
Overall length: 154 cm, Width:72 cm, Height: 145.5 cm
Seat width: 20″ (51 cm)
Colours: Red, Silver

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The Merits Interceptor is a robust sleek mobility scooter suited to larger customers wanting to drive longer distances in comfort.

Brand new sporty streamline design Fully adjustable suspension system that delivers a smooth and comfortable ride modern LED lighting system delivers a brilliant light with less power consumption digital LCD dashboard display: time display, battery gauge, temperature, maintenance messages, speed display and odometer.
Extra storage space beneath tiller Built-in half speed switch which operates automatically when turning to provide extra safety with Merits 4PT (4 pole technology) and large controller delivering much more power for climbing steep driveways and hills. New easy to access 12 volt socket.

The Interceptor boasts:
Sporty streamlined design
Fully adjustable suspension system delivering a smooth and comfortable ride
Modern LED lighting system
Digital LCD dashboard display
Storage space under tiller
Built-in half speed switch for safe turning
4 pole motor and large controller for climbing steep hills

SC-SW-S940-BR (red)
SC-SW-S940-S (silver)


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