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Merits Fende Mid-Size 4-Wheel Electric Scooter


Weight capacity: 136 kg
Range: 30 km (up to)
Speed: 10 km/h (Maximum)
Seat: 410 mm depth, Width 460 mm
Overall: Width: 630 mm, Height: 1320 mm, Length: 1200 mm
Height of backrest: 460 mm
Turning radius: 1430 mm
Climbing grade: (angle) 12 degrees
Weight overall: 114.5 kg (Total with battery)
Clearance under base to ground 100 mm
Battery: 12V/22A/H x 4pcs
Brakes: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic

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A 4- wheel scooter designed for indoor and outdoor use. It features finger and thumb controls, lockable under-seat storage, off-board charger, adjustable suspension (front and rear), LCD display and built-in speed reduction when turning. The contoured high back seating has slide, swivel, recline functions and adjustable armrests. Four batteries (instead of the standard two) allows for the scooter to function at a lower speed if one or two batteries fail. It is suitable for adults. A range of options are available.

Stylish new modern design with a modesty panel gives this scooter a smart attractive look
Adjustable prestige car like suspension front & rear delivers a smooth ride over varied terrain
Comfortable leather feel contoured high back seat with slide, swivel, recline & adjustable armrests
Unique battery storage design allows for greater floor space & a safe secure lockable storage area for personal items
New modern LCD dashboard display offers clearer more easy to read battery gauge, speed, time & temperature
LED lighting system delivers brighter illumination with less power consumption
Built in speed reduction switch which is activated when turning offering exceptional safety
With new easy to access 12 volt socket (for phone or GPS)
Colour: White (clean machnine!)


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