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To use (seek assistance if required):

  1. Moisten Great Grips with water
  2. Place thumbs inside and stretch over doorknob
  3. Continue to work onto doorknob until covered
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Whether you have arthritis, have a house full of kids, or just always have your hands full, the Great Grips from Stander are perfect for everyone! The winged-tipped design of this grip aid allows anyone to open the door easily! The Great Grips work great for the elderly who struggle to turn round door knobs.

Makes it easy to turn round/awkward door knobs.  The keyhole remains accessible.
Great for people with arthritis, young children, and anyone who may have trouble gripping the door handle.
A great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars in door-lever replacements.
Includes glow in the dark inserts for night-time visibility.

Pack of 2.


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