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Configura Comfort Recliner & Lift Chair (S, M, L, Bariatric) prices starting from :


Specifications (Medium size)

  • Fabric: Duratek, VP on backrest, seat, legrest and armrests
  • Vinyl
  • Seat width options: 450, 500, 550 mm (18, 20, 22 in)
  • Seat depth options: 450, 500 mm (18, 20 mm)
  • Seat height options: 375, 400, 425, 450, 475, 500 mm (15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 in)
  • Weight capacity: Medium, Large = 160 kg (25 st)
  • Mechanism: Dual motor tilt-in-space
    Specifications (Small size)
  • SEAT HEIGHT (A) 406 mm (16”)
    SEAT HEIGHT WITH HAKS (A) 457 mm (18”)
    SEAT WIDTH (B) 457 mm (18”)
    SEAT DEPTH POSITION 1 (C) 457 mm (18”)
    SEAT DEPTH POSITION 2 (C) 508 mm (20”)
    ARMREST HEIGHT (D) 180 mm (7”)
    OVERALL WIDTH (E) 760 mm (30”)
    OVERALL HEIGHT – UPRIGHT (F) 1050 mm (41”)
SKU: LC-EN-CR5406 (M), LC-EN-CR5404 (S), LC-EN-CR5408 (L) Category:


Configura Comfort electric rise recliner chair is designed to provide comfortable seating to users with mild to moderate postural requirements, to help reduce the formation of pressure ulcers and help to stand or sit users with limited mobility.

  • ‘Reduced shear’ recline to maximise pelvic stability
  • Pressure reducing fabric on backrest and armrest as standard
  • Castors for easy maneuverability
  • Integrated self-supply overlay for easy integration of existing cushions.
  • Duratek fabric (washable).

The Configura chair is highly customisable (width, depth, footrest length, height, cushioning (seat and backrest), etc.) to meet the needs of a wide variety of client needs. The range comes with a large number of options to enhance eh chair and user comfort. Please ask us for assistance. We recommend you seek the assistance of an OT when considering this range. Although our friendly consultants can also assist.  Yes, we can also arrange in-home demonstrations. This comes as part of the great service you expect from MAA. Our smiles are free!

A bariatric version (LC-EN-CR5420 up to 300kg (STD range), 250kg (TIS range)) is also available. Please enquire with us directly so we can meet your needs. Again, there are many options to meet your needs.

(PS. the range of options available and the importance of getting the correct chair for your needs is a reason to come to a specialist so you can be assured of getting the correct chair. You don’t get this level of service at a standard furniture retailer; yes, you might pay less, but is it worth it!?)

See full Configura pressure care brochure here (including script form, for OTs): CONFIGURA COMFORT_BROCHURE_Enable Lifecare.


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