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Stand Up Sling, Loop Attach, Large


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Optimal positioning and ease of application
Invacare’s range of slings provides a safe and comfortable transfer solution for many types of physical disability.
This selection of high quality slings has been developed with the collaboration of Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapists, to ensure optimal fit and support for the user and ease of application for the carer. The slings are available in various sizes and with the option of differing fabrics. A range of adjustments enable the slings to meet the specific needs of the individual. In order to help caregivers to position the sling correctly and to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition of the user.
Invacare Slings are designed to be simple and safe to use for both home and institutional patient lifting. The slings are manufactured from polyester fabric or mesh (suitable for bathing) with internal padding in pressure areas and utilises webbing attachment loops or keyhole buckles. The sling attachment straps are colour coded for sizing to allow easy sling selection and identification. To be used by a qualified carer in conjunction with an appropriate Invacare patient lifting device to support patients with disabilities. Patients must be within the capacity indicated on the sling. The carer must adhere to the usage guidelines identified in the relevant slings instruction manual. All slings come with a one year limited warranty
Standup Slings The Invacare Standup Slings are designed to lift the patient comfortably from a seated position into a relaxed upright position. Recommended for patients with a reasonable level of weight bearing ability. There are two types of slings available, based on whether it is a loop or keyhole attachment.
Loop attachment sling Designed for use with the Invacare Roze stand-up lifter. Keyhole attachment sling Designed for use with the Invacare RPS440 stand-up lifter
Webbing loops of varying lengths are provided at each connection point to allow a lay back posture for the patient or by using the shortest loops, a higher lift. General purpose slings SWL: XS – M = 205kg L – XXL = 300kg. Contact us for details so we can marry up the correct product for your needs.


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