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Air Comfort Deluxe V2 Nursing Bed


Seat Width:

Inside: Seat width – 510mm

Seat Back Height:

Inside: Back height – 710mm, Back width – 460mm

Weight Capacity:


Product Size:

Exterior: Back width – 710mm, Seat width – 690mm, Sitting length – 1040mm



Designed primarily for the nursing industry, the Deluxe V2bed allows users to be seated for long periods without the pain and discomfort associated with long term nursing. Suit patients from 162cm (5ft 4in) – 188cm (6ft 2 in)

– Total surface air pressure system, no gaps in seating surface
– Adjustable seat, back & leg rest(Infinite locking)
– Adjustable wings and drop-down arms (Multiple positions)
– Detachable/Adjustable head rest
– Locking castors (Standard and Directional)
– Full metal frame
– Replaceable cover
– Proven pressure relief for long-term seating
– Easy side patient transfer
– Easy for carers to operate and manoeuvre
– Easy to clean, repair and maintain

Optional Extras
– Flip-open footrest (Adjustable)
– Meal tray
– Incontinence cover
– Seat belt
– Harness