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THERA-Trainer MOBI Leg or Arm Trainer


Daily activity – with lots of healthy benefits.

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The THERA-Trainer Mobi is a small and convenient motorised leg and upper body exerciser. It was specially developed for everyday use in domestic settings or in care homes, being compact, simple to operate and easy to transport.

This small unit is equipped with a high-performance motor, enabling motor-operated (passive), motor-assisted or active movement training (with your own muscle power) for legs or upper body.

The THERA-Trainer mobi is generally suitable for walkers with slight movement restrictions such as those with minor, general age-related weakness or with mild symptoms of different illnesses. Gain and increase strength, endurance and metabolism and become active whenever it’s convenient – from your chair or sofa!

Features Include: 

  • Intuitive controls
  • Clear and easy to read display
  • Switches from leg to arm trainer in seconds – just place it on a table for arm work.
  • Biofeedback throughout the process
  • Perfect for mobile use
  • 2.7″ screen size
  • Ergonomic design
  • Motivating software (biofeedback)

Please consult with your therapist and/or our consultants. Any pricing listed is only indicative.
Please refer to our other Tigo upper/lower therapeutic units. See separate listing on the site.
Please talk with us and we’ll guide you through. No pressure.

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Evidence support information
THERA-Trainer Evidence Paper Cycling Parkinsons EN.pdf
THERA-Trainer Evidence Paper Cycling Geriatrics EN.pdf – THERA-Trainer


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