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Electric Scooters
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Electric scooters are used by people unable to walk long distances, those needing greater access to their local community or, more commonly, as a replacement for their car. There are many questions to consider when choosing an electric mobility scooter. The key is finding the right product, at the right price, to suit the specific needs of each individual. Some of the most common considerations are:


A 3-wheel scooter offers more legroom, making them better suited to taller users or those with knee problems. Their tighter turning circle makes them more manoeuvrable, for example, inside shops or for general indoor use. Some consider 3-wheel scooters to be 'unstable', however when driven correctly they are stable and safe to use.

A 4-wheel scooter has a sturdier and more stable feel when driving, especially when using the scooter over rough or uneven surfaces.


Choosing the right size will depend on a number of factors. Obviously your height and weight will make a significant difference as well as the type of use for which the scooter is intended.

Portable Electric Scooters

Portable Scooters Great for people needing to transport regularly. Ideally suited to smaller framed users, primarily for indoor use on flat surfaces. Speeds vary up to 7km/h and most offer a maximum distance between 16-30km per charge.

Mid-Size Electric Scooters

Medium Scooters By far the most popular size of scooter. Suitable for general outdoor use, limited indoor use and occasional transporting. These scooters offer varying speeds up to 10km/h and a maximum distance between 25-30km per charge.

Large Electric Scooters

Large Scooters More suited to larger framed users, with weight capacities up to 220kg, spacious legroom and softer suspension. These scooters can handle harsher terrain, steeper hills and more robust usage. They offer varying speeds up to 15km/h and a maximum distance between 40-50km per charge.

There are many other factors to consider. Types of seating, suspension, lights, tyre size, charging point and battery size are just some of the features that our experienced consultants can explain to help you find the right scooter to suit YOUR needs. We recommend that you discuss your specific requirements and book a free trial before making any decision.

To find out more about our extensive range of electric scooters, call our helpful and friendly staff on (03) 9546 7700 or visit our showroom for a free trial.