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Bathroom And Toilet Aids
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As well as being the most essential room in the house, the bathroom can also be one of the most dangerous and, in many cases, inaccessible to the elderly or disabled. But there are many simple ways to make the bathroom safer and much easier to use. Here is some useful products, information and handy tips on how to overcome the bathroom blues.

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The Bath

Obviously the biggest concern is how to get into and out of the bath safely. A few hints to help:

  • Remove all rugs and carpet. Make sure the floor is non-slip or fit a non-slip mat next to the bath. A non-slip mat inside the bath is essential.
  • To help get in and out, the bath should have a clamp-on grab rail or there should be a grab rail fitted on the wall. A bath board can help by sitting the person on the board before swinging their legs into the bath.
  • Hand held bath or shower hoses are essential for sitting or standing in the bath.
The Shower

While a shower is usually a lot easier to negotiate for many people, there are still many products that can make showering safer and easier.

  • Non-slip mats are essential - both inside and outside the shower.
  • Shower stools or chairs make showering more comfortable
  • Install grab rails for extra security.
  • There is a good range of shower commodes and mobile transporters available, which can be safely
  • used in a shower. In this case, a hand held shower hose is more essential for seated people.
  • Many showering/bathing devised are available including suction nailbrushes, long handled toe washers and easily removable bath plugs.
The Toilet

For those unable to use the toilet, commodes, urinals and bedpans help. For people who can use the toilet, products are available that overcome height or accessibility problems

  • Raised toilet seats help patients get on and off more easily.
  • Grab rails fitted to the wall or the actual toilet surround frame also assist.
  • Over toilet aids help by raising the height of the toilet seat and provide armrests to push up from when rising. Some models can be adjusted for height.

Bedside commodes are excellent or patients who are bedridden or if the patient is unable to use their bathroom.

Commodes come in many models from fully upholstered chairs to folding or mobile versions. They're all designed to be used with a commode pan or other receptacle.